Citing in a Bibliography

Oh, the bibliography.  We’ve all been there!

The goal of is to be the world’s most comprehensive resource on aerogels. If something here has been useful for a paper, presentation, or science project, please be sure to reference it!

Suggested Citations

For example Learn>Flavors of Aerogel>Silica Aerogel

MLA (Modern Language Association)

“Silica Aerogel.” DD Mon YYYY <>

or alternatively

“Silica Aerogel.” DD Mon YYYY <>. Path: Learn; Flavors of

Aerogel; Silica Aerogel.

APA (American Psychological Association)

Silica Aerogel. (2008). Retrieved Mon DD, YYYY, from

ACS (American Chemical Society) Silica Aerogel. (accessed Mon DD, YYYY).

Happy citing!

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