The Science of Aerogel

Learn about the science of sols, gels, supercritical drying, functionalization, and more.

Supercritical Drying

The process used to gently remove liquid from a gel to produce an aerogel.

The Sol-Gel Process

The basis of how gels are formed. Learn about the basics of the chemistry used to make aerogels.

Aerogels and Zero-Gravity

In pursuit of science and aerogel windows, follow the adventures of aerogel in zero-gravity!

Aerogel Without the Pressure

You don’t always need supercritical drying to make aerogels. Learn how aerogels can be made at atmospheric pressure and the trade-offs of doing this.


Aerogels put the fun in functionalization! Learn how you can install new features into aerogels by attaching molecules to the skeletal surface of the aerogel.