Origins of Aerogel

Read about the invention of aerogel and its inventor.

Part 1: Samuel Kistler, Inventor of Aerogel

A biography about Dr. Samuel Stephens Kistler, the inventor of aerogel.

Part 2: From the High Desert

Samuel Kistler’s personal story.

Part 3: Always an Educator

A professor for four decades.

Part 4: The Early Days of Aerogels

The enigmatic discovery of our favorite material.

Part 5: From the Softest Materials to the Hardest

Kistler’s career changes course.

Part 6: Kistler Speaks

Excerpts from his many non-technical writings.

Part 7: Kistler Gets a Job

Letters from when Samuel Kistler was hired by the College of the Pacific.

Part 8: Epilogue

Epilogue of the Samuel Stephens Kistler biography.