Build a Supercritical Dryer

Learn how to build a supercritical dryer for making aerogels.

Before You Begin

Ready to really delve into aerogels? Learn how to make a supercritical dryer of your own. Read this article first.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions you must consider before building your supercritical dryer.

Project Planning

Considerations regarding costs and time needed to build a supercritical dryer using the designs on

The Building Blocks

Important information about the pipe fittings, gauges, and valves you’ll be using to build your supercritical dryer.

Parts and Schematics

Select a manuclave design and learn how to build it.

Setting Up the CO2 Tank

Where to find a liquid CO2 tank and how to connect it to your supercritical dryer.

Ensuring Safe Operation

Some things to keep in mind once you have built your supercritical dryer.

Selecting a Workspace

Suggestions for selecting a place to operate your supercritical dryer.