Flavors of Aerogel

Discover the rich diversity of compositions and properties which aerogels can take on.

Silica Aerogel
Low Density Silica Aerogel Sphere
The familiar transparent blue aerogel of Internet lore and the most common type of aerogel. Learn about how it’s made from sol to supercritical drying and its uses.

Metal Oxide Aerogels
Metal Oxide Aerogels
The colorful cousins of silica aerogels, metal oxide aerogels represent the rest of the periodic table and possess a wide array of unique properties!

Organic and Carbon Aerogels
Carbon Aerogel
Learn about how aerogels can can be made from organic materials and how electrically conductive aerogels of carbon can be derived from them.

Semiconducting Metal Chalcogenide Aerogels
Photoluminescent Metal Chalcogenide Aerogel and Xerogel
One of the newest types of aerogels, these materials behave like semiconductors and have exciting photoluminescent properties.

Nanotubes and Aerogels
Carbon Nanotubes Grown Directly on an Fe-Doped Carbon Aerogel
The intersection of two intriguing materials. Read about how aerogels can help carbon nanotubes grow and how aerogels can be made out of carbon nanotubes.

Metal Aerogels
Fe Nanofoam Produced by Combustion Synthesis
Aerogels made of metals, not just metal oxides, are finally here. Read about this cutting-edge area of aerogel research.

Strong and Flexible Aerogels
Incredibly Strong Silica X-Aerogel
Not all aerogels are delicate, brittle materials. Learn about mechanically strong x-aerogels, flexible aerogel insulation blankets, and compliant reduced bonding aerogels.