Aerogel on Penn and Teller Tell a Lie

Watch the amazing thermal insulating properties of aerogel protect a poor aerogel scientist from the blast of a flame thrower (or not…?) on Discovery Channel’s new skeptic-friendly science show, Penn and Teller Tell a Lie!

Watch the clip here:

7 Responses to “Aerogel on Penn and Teller Tell a Lie”

  1. Dave says:

    This is a great material, why isnt it used for firefighter suits? is it very expensive to make?

  2. Joe Elliot says:

    My son is in college and got an assignment on aerogel. When he pointed me to this video, I got to thinking, “Why aren’t Firemen’s Suits” made out of aerogel? Has your company looked into that? The video didn’t look like a gimmick to me and I’m asking because I have another son who is a Firefighter. Honestly, we would have rather he got into something like economics but being a firefighter was his choice and career path. That said, don’t you folks think using aerogel in a fire suit would be a good idea?

  3. Phil Ellis says:

    I own a Shiver Shield coat with aerogel. It’s warm. I’ve gone out in zero degrees with the coat and pants on. No jeans. just the pants. T shirt only under the coat. Gloves and Hat, of course. Suffice it to say this coat and pants were not cheap, but they’re worth every single penny if you are in the cold for a long period of time. Over 30 degrees out? They get hot. Really hot. Under 30 degrees? They keep you comfy. I’ve had a few expensive coats including the Colombian stuff, and none of them compares to this one.

  4. alireza says:

    please send for me mor video of all of kinds aerogel production way and howe made it. and help me for make it in my lab at in my univercity and in my home im very intrested to sience and technology.

  5. Stephen – Feel free to post our video on your website. It has been utilized on multiple websites to show the extreme thermal performance of aerogel. Aerogel is an unbelievable product and it is even better when you wear it in the dead of winter with 30mph winds!

  6. Adam says:

    I have always loved Penn and Tellers brand of comic magic. Their shows are usually very intelligent and are geared to make you think. As it follows Mythbusters I am sure there will be some nice pyrotechnics or explosions. I see the Aerogel episode includes lots of flamethrower fun. That aerogel is fascinating. I love watching Discovery in HD. I get HD service from my employer DISH Network because they offer the most HD channels available nationally. It will be interesting to see where this show goes. From what I have read they seem to revisit past Mythbusters topics. I have high hopes for this show; I hope Penn and Teller get the chance to put up a few seasons here.

  7. Rob Abramovitch says:

    This video is rather telling about the abilities of the Aspen product to stop heat transfer. There is also an impressive video on where the owner of the hunting apparel shows the efficacy of the product with extreme cold. He is wearing a jacket made with aerogel insulation and he has gaseous nitrogen at -160 degrees F blowing on his back!